Dahlgren pioneered and patented a system that absorbs moisture created by your foot and continually moves it up and out of the sock to where it can be evaporated, leading to feet being drier and more comfortable.

Natural fibers are great at absorbing moisture, while synthetic fibers excel at wicking and releasing moisture. To maximize these unique properties, and your comfort, our socks are broken down into Absorption, Transfer and Evaporation zones with different blends of fibers within each zone.

The Zones of our patented Dri-Stride® technology




Dri-Stride® Technology uses Alpaca fiber and Merino wool in our Absorption Zones at the heel and toe, a mix of both in the Transfer zone to both absorb and channel moisture and Therma-Dri™ synthetic fiber in the Evaporation zone to wick and remove moisture quickly and efficiently.



Your socks are the only thing protecting your feet from unforgiving footwear. Dare we say they are the most important accessory on any adventure? That is why Dahlgren spent over 40 years tinkering to find the absolute best sock for you.

To achieve the best sock we had to find the best fibers. And that is why we choose to blend Alpaca fiber into all of our products.

  • The fiber is hollow and so temperature regulation is superior to other hairs. In hot climates you will stay cooler and in cold temperatures you will retain more heat.

  • The fiber also excels at insulating, which is ideal for all winter activities.

  • It is odour-resistant so taking those boots off after a long day won’t scare away your friends.

  • It is hypo-allergenic, and does not contain lanolin.

  • The fiber is extremely soft, adding to your all round comfort.

  • Its scale structure means it is smoother than most fibers leading to reduced friction, which translates to less chance of blisters.

  • The fiber is stronger than most other fibers, giving our products excellent durability.

  • Alpaca keeps a sock ‘cushier’ for longer as it has a higher compression resistance than other fibers.

  • An environmental benefit is also found by using Alpaca as it needs menial chemical processing  

  • Finally, this fiber does need any special washing instructions. By adding it in our socks it limits shrinkage from heat.

All this leads to your feet being drier, happier 
and less prone to blisters.